Quintain Consulting offers a range of services relating to Nano and BioNanotechnology development and commercialisation, including:

Strategic Advice- For research, development, industrial and government bodies who are involved or looking to become involved in bionanotechnology product development and want to increase their understanding of local and worldwide bionanotechnology markets and opportunities.  Quintain Consulting offers this service on both an individual client basis and to larger groups from academia, commercial and government bodies in the form of interactive workshops (in-house and external).  For more information and examples of this type of service, please refer to our News and Events page.

Asset Management- For parties with large and small nano / bionanotechnology IP portfolios.

Technology Assessment- For funding and investment groups / individuals who are seeking and assessing bionanotechnologies and would like an expert opinion on the opportunities being presented.

Project and Process Management- Expertise in assembly and management of multisector and multidisciplinary teams. Management of product development and commercialisation processes including input into Australian and US regulatory issues.

If you are looking for advice, expertise and knowledge in any area of BioNanotechnology product development and commercialisation, please contact us and we will be delighted to discuss your needs.

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