Case Studies

Case Study 1:
Commercialisation of university research to meet the need for a fast, inexpensive and sensitive point-of-care diagnostic test for Meningococcal Disease. Click here to view.

Case Study 2:
A need in the pharmaceutical industry for new and improved therapeutic and diagnostic antibody-based reagents, to provide better health outcomes for patients. Click here to view.

Case Study 3:
Raising awareness of strategies and technologies available, for future development and use of clinical diagnostics in the region - specifically Indonesia. Click here to view.

Case Study 4:
Out-licensing of transdermal patch technologies for delivery of large molecule immunotherapies. Click here to view.

Case Study 5:
Performing due diligence on bionanotechnology investment opportunities. Click here to view.

Case Study 6:
Co-ordination and facilitation of nanotechnology workshops for education providers. Click here to view.

Water Case Studies:
A series of activities focused on developments for the water industry. Click here to view.

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