Bob_picDr Bob Irving - Director
Bob has more than 25 years experience in diagnostic and therapeutic technology development in Australia, Canada and the UK. He has led programs within CSIRO, Diagnostics CRCs and biotech companies worldwide and has been instrumental in the establishment and launch of start-up companies such as Evogenix.  Most recently, Bob has held the position of Chief Operating Officer at NanoVentures Australia Ltd and Commercial Director of Nanotechnology Victoria Ltd, which involved the development of project portfolios, particularly in BioNanotechnology, and the commercialization of new nanotechnology solutions.

Bob advises industry bodies and government on nanotechnology strategy, development and commercialization, and participated in the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering mission to France, organised in association with the National Academy of Technologies of France in order to inform Federal Government policy. Bob has also represented the diagnostics and therapeutic delivery industries in delegations to the USA, Canada, and Taiwan particularly as it relates to biotechnology, health and food sciences and the rural economy. Bob has a PhD through the Imperial Cancer Research Fund (London, UK) with a research topic on prostate cancer.


Jeanette_picDr Jeanette Pritchard - Non-Executive Director
Jeanette has 15 years experience working in medical and environmental device development, over 8 of which have been within the biotechnology industry in both the UK and Australia.  Jeanette has extensive experience in project management, business development and commercialisation of diagnostic devices, with a focus on rapid, point-of-care detection of human and animal diseases in addition to detection systems for use in the water industry. Jeanette has been instrumental in establishing a vehicle focused on the development of nano-based contrast agents for medical imaging (Quintain NanoSystems) from NanoVentures Australia Ltd in addition to leading the commercial relationship between NanoVentures Australia and New Zealand-based Trinity BioActives, for the development of a rapid diagnostic device for meningococcal disease.

In 2008, Jeanette was invited to participate in the Skills and Public Support Working Group as part of a broad government initiative to develop actions for implementation of the Victorian Government five year Biotechnology Strategic Plan. The working group is focused on retaining and building capabilites within the Victorian Biotechnology industry. Jeanette completed her PhD in Clinical Biochemistry in addition to a Masters degree in Chemistry, from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne (UK). Her PhD research topic focused on the development of a clinical detection system for cardiac marker proteins.

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